Courses / Talks

All of the courses I offer deal with the wellbeing of children, teachers and parents. They are made available and practical in the following ways.

1. A Beautiful Education Course

A practical approach to the education of children – Download A Beautiful Education (Word Doc)

2. Whole school INSET

  • A practical approach to PHSE/SMSC
  • Meeting & Greeting. The importance of the beginning of the school day
  • How to unify and expand school assemblies
  • The content of lessons
  • The conduct of lessons
  • Showing children how to find rest, stillness and wellbeing
  • Meeting parents in an open and practical way
  • A united vision of the child

3. Talks for parents

  • The importance of love, trust and respect
  • True discipline for all, parents, children and teachers
  • Realistic parenting. How to nourish your child at all levels
  • A balanced life

4. Staff Meetings

Any of the essential topics can be presented and dealt with in depth. A short & practical workshop.

5. Talks to conferences or those interested in true education

  • What makes a full and glorious education?
  • So why did I become a teacher?
  • All be happy
  • A spirited education
  • The true nature of discipline
  • How to build a nourishing ethos in a school
  • Philosophy and education
  • A practical approach to spiritual, moral, social and cultural education
  • The founding principles of a school
  • How to state them and make them come alive