Sacred Geometry

As you all know builders are always on time, complete the work with efficiency and precision and perform in a bright and ordered manner.

It was early November and the extensive work of the Summer, a new classroom block, had edged deep into the Autumn. The term had started with the heat and noise of drills and was now suffering from incomplete and wet areas of concrete.

That morning the debris of the works had blocked the drain at the entrance to the school and a puddle roughly the size and shape of the Caspian Sea had formed across the school gateway. It was a tradition that I stood in that gateway and greeted the children as they arrived at school. Far better to be greeted by the heart and hands of a human being than a wall or a door.

My clothes were already wet from the journey to school and my Chelsea Boots (a hangover from the 60’s) squelched nicely as I walked to the entrance.
I found a spot in the shallow end and with eyes open but mind closed began to greet the children. The wet did not seem to affect them and they found my bedraggled state and the sheer size of the new water feature a delight.

For my part the ills of the world travelled the mind, cold feet, incomplete school, wet day, accursed builders.
“Full many a glorious morning have I seen”.
Lifting my head slightly I noticed a six year old girl standing at the opposite edge of the pond. She was staring into and at the water. Her face was calm but full of light and life. Her hair was soaked.

“Sir,” she said, quietly. “Have you noticed the circles and points in the water?”
I had to admit I had not. (The mind being still full of builders.)
Obediently I followed her gaze and watched with her as the rain drops produced exquisite points in the water that expanded into beautifully formed circles that came to perfection and then disappeared.
“Sir, don’t you think that God is the best person at Geometry in the world?”
I did.

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