A Beautiful Education

The heart and mind of the child are very tender. They receive impressions at an early age and these impressions remain with the child like a capital for life. Therefore it is very important in the early years of education to present all that is good and true for their wellbeing. The following ten principles would give a child a brilliant start in life.

  1. Acknowledge that teaching is not a job. It is a noble profession. Treat teachers accordingly.
  2. Children are beings with limitless potential.
  3. Give children the finest food, fresh food for the body, brilliant material for the mind, beauty and creativity for the heart. Recognise their spirit.
  4. Put great emphasis on speech, what you speak and how you speak, especially to others. Encourage good manners.
  5. Give children access to quietness and steadiness. Begin each day with an assembly. Let all teachers and children gather together and see and feel the unity of the School and of humanity. Sing!
  6. Establish and encourage service of each other in the school. Move from care of oneself, to care of family, community, nation and world.
  7. Be very aware of the environment in which the child lives. Let it contain both order and beauty.
  8. Be aware that however teachers and parents act, children will imitate them.
  9. Create a balance in the day between academic study, conversation, art, music, drama, PE, rest and play.
  10. Avoid criticism: parents of teachers, teachers of parents, and parents and teachers of children. Respect each other.