What is a simple and beautiful process?

The point where teacher and child meet is full of vitality, love and intelligence. All the great cities of the world hold meetings every day, none are more important than the meetings with children. At present and seemingly as always the educational agenda is bound with opinions, ideas, targets, reviews and initiatives.

Are there principles and practices that govern and support education?

Do constants exist in a world where the attics and cellars of education are crammed with dusty proposals and plans?

Thankfully there is knowledge within all of us and this site seeks to reveal it and expand the view.

I have been in schools as a child, student, teacher, governor, inspector etc. for all of my life and I am still inspired by the simplicity of teaching.

How do you teach? What do you teach?

The learning will never cease but without arrogance, I feel it is now possible to distil and make available principles and practices that will work in any situation.

For the last twelve years I have conducted a large number of conferences and courses for teachers, governors and parents. These courses have worked in the UK, South Africa, Trinidad, Hungary, Australia, etc.
All deal with a true education.

What makes a full and glorious education? So why did I become a teacher?

This site explores and displays the simplicity of a true and nourishing education.

Please enjoy its content and if you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Paul Moss