Uniting Parent Teacher and Child

Main Points of Talk by Mr. Moss on Parents Evening – October 7th 2008

The whole point of the evening was to unite parent teacher and child. If at this time in the school year we could all face in the same direction it would give tremendous support to the development and well-being of the child.

Mr. Moss spoke of the current crisis in education and noted that from what he could see and had experienced, education was always in crisis.

Therefore instead of making sweeping statements and joining the world of opinion and ideas the question was asked whether it would be possible to outline discover and discuss the principles that govern education.

Education being in its simplicity the point where parent and teacher met the child.

Mr. Moss then offered the following principles and practices in the spirit of all being in this together and not as a set of dictates.


  1. Keep education ‘big’. Big is a word that children like. See the child as limitless, full of love, intelligence and vitality.
  2. Provide children with good material. Give them the best civilisation can offer. Avoid the Children’s Menu.
  3. Remember that most of what children learn is through example. Provide them with good company.
  4. Give children a taste of stillness and silence. There is no shortage of excessive noise and movement in London. Let them enjoy a little peace.
  5. Praise children. Whatever you praise thrives and expands. Avoid criticism of yourself or your children. We are all doing our best!
  6. In a complex and busy society try and find balance, i.e. activity, rest, family time, work, sport, etc. Avoid boredom or being bored.
  7. Become a child. Remember what it is to be a child. This happens when we really connect with the present state of our children.
  8. Try to avoid habitual responses. See yourself and your child fresh every day. Try and be interesting and interested.
  9. Encourage and reward. Using stars, stickers, sweets, give children simple rewards for positive efforts and behaviour.
  10. Avoid pressure. First of all on yourself and then upon your children. Have a look at the time when there seems to be no time or space. Be gentle and generous with yourself and your children.
  11. Finally through mutual trust, support and respect let us all work and move together for the benefit of the children

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