UK education expert shares wisdom of a balanced education with Erasmus School

UK education expert shares wisdom of a balanced education with Erasmus School This week, international education expert Mr Paul Moss is in Melbourne to train teaching staff at Erasmus School of Primary Education at Lisson Grove, Hawthorn. Mr Moss is the former Chair of the UK Independent Schools Association, and is worldwide Principal of the affiliated group of St James Junior Schools, London, which includes Erasmus School.

Mr Moss is working with the teachers on the core principles of education – teaching by example and feeding all aspects of the child — body, mind, heart and spirit.

“To provide children with freedom, happiness and prosperity throughout their lives, primary schools need to provide the finest materials possible,” said Mr Moss. “The academic results, career paths of our graduates, and their community engagement all demonstrate we’re getting something right.”

“Our method constantly brings us back to those methods that have stood the test of time, and are able to take us forward, nourishing the four aspects common to all of us.

“Firstly, for the body we provide healthy food and exercise, including delicious organic meals prepared and served each day for the children in the company of their peers and teachers. Our physical education includes sport and dance for boys and girls.

“Secondly, for the mind the children thrive on systematic studies (including some rote learning) in mathematics, grammar and science.

“Thirdly, for the heart the children participate in music, art, singing, drama and regularly hear about great men and women throughout time.

“Fourthly, for the spirit: we acknowledge and nurture this dimension which is the same in every child, whatever their cultural heritage. It is this sameness which provides a strong sense of unity and enables the children to learn to love their neighbour as they love themselves. This dimension is the essence of education.

“Visitors to all the St James Schools group often comment on this great sense of unity that can be felt as soon as they step on campus,” Mr Moss said.

“This visit to Erasmus School and Australia has been a delight. It’s clear from the responses of the teachers and the children that this type of education is thriving in Melbourne.

Mr Moss has made his way around the globe, facilitating teacher training and audits of schools and communities in London, New Zealand, Durban and Johannesburg and Trinidad.

Erasmus School is a co-educational, independent school from Prep to Year 6. Established in 1996, the school offers a broad and balanced, values based curriculum to develop each child’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical being. High academic standards are enjoyed and supported by a program rich in classical languages, arts, music and physical education. Works of the world’s greatest philosophers from both West and East are incorporated across the curriculum.