Paul Moss has spent all his working life with children, either in the form of teacher, Head teacher, teacher trainer or Governor. He began his career in the State Sector when fired by idealism and enthusiasm he worked in deprived schools in the East End and Lewisham. He has spent the last 28 years in the Independent Sector firstly as Head of Thomas’s, a high profile London prep school, and then as Head of St. James. Presently Paul is Principal of St James Junior Schools and works for the Education Renaissance Trust.

In his professional life, Paul has held a number of significant positions. In 2004 he was chairman of the Independent Schools Association. He also founded the ISA Professional Development Committee which organises training for Head teachers and teachers.For the past 15 years he has been an ISI inspector.He contributes as a speaker & course leader at conferences & courses.A number of schools have engaged Paul as a consultant on a wide range of educational issues.

The main aim of his work is the nourishment of the child or the teacher at every level, i.e. Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body. He has run a number of national and international conferences that seek to refresh and inspire teachers. His courses are straightforward, inspiring and above all practical.

In essence he sees education as a simple and natural process. It is not complicated or complex. This approach has proved to be expansive, creative and successful.

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Testimonials from teachers who have attended the courses.

  1. Paul’s presentation style is both humorous and effective. TEACHER
  2. The course made you think about how teaching is regarded these days and mad you realise how important it is to be more positive about the job. TEACHER
  3. Enjoyed the honesty and beauty of Paul’s message HEAD OF DEPARTMENT
  4. The idea of stillness, which is something I can take away and try with my staff. CLASS TEACHER
  5. Relaxed, humorous and informative.
  6. The main value was the spiritual aspect and the deep respect and understanding of both teacher and child.
  7. One of the most interesting talks on education I have listened to for many years.
  8. Nice to hear about the things that don’t change in a seemingly ever-changing education system.
  9. A thought-provoking presentation which reiterated the important responsibility that teachers hold every day.
  10. The presentation was calming yet inspiring.
  11. Paul is a very inspirational speaker. His love and understanding of the role of the teacher is evident.
  12. Inspiring, truthful and enjoyable.
  13. Great, energising and inspirational.
  14. Style and content were very professional, thought provoking and inspiring. DEPUTY HEAD
  15. It made me feel at ease, relaxed and gave me a belief in myself. PE TEACHER
  16. Paul re-awakened the teacher asleep inside of me. TEACHER IN INDIA